Massages & Wellness at Hotel Saaserhof

Fit & health massages & treatments

Classic or sport/trigger point - full body massage

Relaxation of the whole body

Relaxing massage                                                      ca.   50 Min.                 CHF     95.00

Sports massage – trigger point                               ca.   50 Min.                 CHF   110.00


Classic partial body massage

Relaxation of individual muscle groups and joints

Partial body massage                                                ca.    25 Min.                 CHF     55.00

Anti-stress back/neck massage

The stimulation of the muscles and the energetic level alleviates stress and anger

Anti-stress massage                                                  ca.   25 Min.                 CHF     55.00


Traditional massages from all over the world


Hot stone massage
Deep muscle and nerve relaxation with lava stones and oil

Partial body massage                                                ca.     30 Min.               CHF     60.00
Full body massage                                                     ca.     60 Min.               CHF   120.00
Full body massage                                                     ca.     90 Min.               CHF   160.00



Ayurveda- Abhyanga
Full body relaxation from India with herbal oils

Ayurveda massage                                                    ca.     60 Min.               CHF   120.00

                                                                                      ca.     80 Min.               CHF   150.00




Indian head massage

Old traditional technique focused on head and neck. Helps with heavy head and stiff neck

Indian head Massage                                                ca.    25 Min.                CHF     55.00



Foot reflexology massage

Therapeutic massage, stimulates energy points, that positively influence the body

Foot reflexology massage                                        ca.     50 Min.               CHF     95.00



Aromatic oil massage

Full body relaxation with natural aromatic oils from DōTERRA

Aromatic oil massage                                               ca.    50 Min.                 CHF   100.00


Massage for the little ones


Children massage

Children massage (from 4 to 12 years)                 ca.     25 Min.               CHF     40.00




Neck - shoulders - head - face                               ca.     50 Min                 CHF    95.00

                                                                                     ca.     25 Min                 CHF    55.00


Head - face - feet                                                      ca.     50 Min                 CHF    95.00


Back - feet                                                                  ca.     50 Min                 CHF    95.00


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